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Our social media marketing process

Social media has integrated itself into our daily lives. Whether you’re keeping up with friends and family, researching to make a purchase, or trying to attract an audience towards your business, social media is more important than ever.

Our company manages social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and SnapChat on your behalf. Companies practicing social media marketing should be aware of several critical steps that go into strategizing a successful social media marketing plan. If you want to have a prosperous social media strategy, you will need to put in the time and effort to research and really understand your audience.

Vybe Social is your guru group of social media marketers. We specialize in social campaigns for small businesses and events. We have content marketers, designers, developers and a marketing tool box to satisfy your social network needs.

Whether you’re looking for social media maintenance, help with social media advertising, or consulting on how to create your social presence, we can help!

Research and Discovery

After an initial consultation, we begin the process of establishing your needs when it comes to Social Media. From researching your industry and all competitors, we discover the right channels for your business and help you understand your customers through these channels. We analyze every possible outcome and discover your short-term and long-term goals.

Strategy and Implementation

We discover your most important needs and target the most promising business opportunities . This step in our process carries out the vision for your growing business and establishes a clearly defined path to create your brand image in social media. We implement this vision to speak to your target audience and see it through to meet all your goals and help you maximize your ROI.

Execution and Testing

After implementing your goal-driven plan, we ensure that everything is working towards meeting your goals. That is, we report on your metrics, help you understand what worked and what didn't and make suggestions to improve your social media strategy to stay relevant with your target market.

At Vybe Social we put your business on social media so you can become social with your customers. We’ll set you up, create and manage your social media pages and show you how to engage socially with your customers. We’re serious about delivering fantastic social media and seeing great outcomes for our customers!


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